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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beachell – Borlaug International Scholars Programs

Beachell – Borlaug International Scholars Programs
Monsanto Company starts Beachell – Borlaug International Scholars Programs from the year of 2009 with the reference of Drs. Norman Borlaug and Henry Beachell. Goal of Monsanto’s Beachell – Borlaug International Scholars Program is help to rice and wheat production. Monsanto Company Support the young scientist for to work public sector. Monsanto Company works for the feed breed production like rice and wheat. Basic thing of that International scholarship program is develop high quality seeds to increase wheat and rice production.  They promote agricultural Ph. D holder for increase food breeding production.

In the program of Monsanto’s Beachell – Borlaug International Scholars, they accept the importance of wheat and rice production for future global security of food. To complete the promise of 10 billion American dollars Monsanto Company increase yields of rice and Wheat. In Monsanto’s Scholarship program the guide and support the projects which is depend on advance production of wheat and rise breeds or any other type of breeds. This is a world wide open scholar program for agriculture field candidate.

Eligibility for the Monsanto’s International scholarship is 1) candidate must require expert in production of plant breeding. 2) Candidate must require Ph. D degree in food breed production mainly in rice and wheat. 3) The candidate who eligible for take education from schools different school from his country. The student who is interested and eligible for the Monsanto’s Beachell – Borlaug International Scholars they can apply via internet. 1) Transcripts or tape of candidate’s old University education course work with filled application form. 3) At least two letters of candidate’s speech skill about project and its eligibility to carry out project. 4) Maximum 5 MB large application can be send via internet. For more information about application procedure candidate can visit the Monsanto Company’s website.

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